Monkey Survey – Survey Monkey Customer Satisfaction Survey

Monkey Survey

Monkey Survey – Survey monkey or monkey survey is itself a survey providing platform that takes the survey of the topmost Corporation.

Survey Monkey is a medium to help the customer to create their own surveys using question format and feedback.

The basic version of Survey Monkey is of no cost but an enhanced version is available at a cost.

In 1999, the founder Ryan Finley and Chris Finley came up with the idea of Monkey survey which serves a free platform for the customer to create a survey page

About 20 million questions are answered every day by SurveyMonkey, which helps the customer to satisfy his needs.

Survey Monkey

Monkey Survey

Features of survey monkey are as follows

  • Question & answer piping
  • Answer validation
  • Trend tracking
  • Response quotas
  • Unlimited questions per survey.
  • Question with custom feedback.
  • Unlimited filters & cross tabs.
  • Custom variables

Survey Monkey Plans

Survey Monkey comes with two different plans as

  1. Individual Plan
  2. Team Plan

Monkey Survey

The individual plan has four sub plans

  • A premier plans worth Rs. 4,999/month.
  • Advantage plan worth Rs. 1,999/month.
  • A standard plan worth Rs. 899/month.
  • A basic plan worth Rs. 0/month.

Team plan has only two sub-plans

  • Team Advantage plan worth Rs1,550/user/month.
  • Team Premier plan worth Rs3,800/user/month.

Survey Monkey Advantages

  • Easy in usability, comprehensive feature, and security is the basic advantage.
  • It provides a question bank that offers some sort of question that can be edited.
  • Process large data. Process large data. This approach allows data creation, collection, and analysis using the software.
  • This includes various surveys in politics, health, education, and organization.

Survey Monkey Types

The survey covers different survey forms. The survey is carried out to obtain the requisite answers to make decisions:

  • Student Surveys, Teacher Surveys, School Surveys.
  • Market Research Surveys.
  • Net Promoter Score.
  • Online Research Surveys.
  • Employment Satisfaction Surveys.
  • Marketing Survey.
  • Non-Profit Surveys.
  • Meeting Surveys and Events Planning Surveys.

Survey Monkey Guide

Steps to go through Survey Monkey is as follows;

  1. Open the official link of SurveyMonkey given on the website.
  2. You must have a laptop or you can use a phone for attending the survey
  3. Enter the login page and type your username and password connected with Survey Monkey and click on Sign In.
  4. Then click on the “Create Survey” button.
  5. Select a category of the survey you find comfortable with.
  6. Select a suitable template for your survey and by selecting it, click on the ‘next’ option.
  7. Also on the left of your survey, you can edit the default survey and template.
  8. Tap on the top tab “Collect responses.” Tap on it to distribute the survey.

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Survey Monkey is a medium to help the customer to create their own surveys using question format and feedback.

Survey Monkey is easy in use, comprehensive feature, and offers good security.

Nearly 20 million questions are answered in the Survey Monkey platform. Student Surveys, Teacher Surveys, School Surveys are the different types of surveys you can complete on Monkey Survey.

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Chili’s Survey – Chili’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Chili’s Survey – Chili’s is an American dining restaurant chain that was initiated by Larry in 1975. The restaurant focuses on Classic Sirloin 6.

A transformer station on Greenville in Dallas, Texas, was the main location of Chili.

After the consumer survey, Chile gave fortunate customers rates of $1,000.

It offers excellent service and excellent food quality, in conjunction with the cash prize. Customers are generally pleased with the excellent food and services offered by Chile.

Chili’s Survey

The Chili’s Survey is carried out to help them out too attain a better version of the company and raise the standards. The survey is simple as well as easy, it will take only a maximum of 15 min.

Is purchase Necessary?No
Survey prizeChili’s Cash Prize
Offer Valid AtIn-Restaurant Only
Age Limit18 or 18+

The customer also gets a chance to earn a prize of $1000 by taking part in the survey.

Chili’s Survey Requirement

      • The customer who will attend the survey must be at least 18 years old or more.
  • The person must be known of English and Spanish language
  • The customer has done a valid purchase from Chili’s store
  • The participant must have the legal receipt of the visit to the
  • A person can partake in the survey only once on one receipt.

Chili’s Survey Guide

  1. It is essential to visit the website. After going to the website discover various tabs such as prizes, menu, order number, gift cards
  2. To flinch the survey by selecting the language you are familiar with.
  3. Type the code which is available on the receipt. The code is made up of 12 digits.
  4. Answering the survey questions according to the service you have got
  5. The requests in the survey must be answered with chief trustworthiness to give honest feedback to the restaurant.
  6. Rating the Experience. After entering the necessary information rate the overall experience at the restaurant.
  7. Click on the submit button to submit your survey after completing all your results.

Chili’s Food that you will love

Crispy, Crispy Honey-Chipotle, Bacon Ranch Chicken, Bacon Crispers, Special menu in Chile Grill or Honey Chipotle Southerly Quesadillas, Chicken Crispers Chicken Chicken.

Why conduct Chili’s Survey?

  • Record of the customers. Chili’s acquires the information of the clients to build a database of the customers who are fascinated with their products and the service provided by the company.
  • Fascinate more buyers and generate more traffic on the website – they acquire new customers and create more traffic on their website through online surveys and customer reviews.
  • Receiving opinions of customers. The customers have truthful details on the product and service of Chile’s restaurant and give feedback and opinions.

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Chili’s is an American casual dining restaurant chain. The restaurant specializes in Classic Sirloin

The Chili’s survey was established to know the customer’s involvement in food and dining that listens to the opinion of the customer

You can attend the chili’s survey either on the website or official chili’s app. Chili’s restaurants offer excellent facilities and delicious food quality. The customers are usually pleased with Chilies because of its great food and excellent services.

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KrogerFeedback – Official Kroger Survey –

KrogerFeedback – Kroger feedback survey is a mission for the satisfaction of its customers. Customers can get exciting discounts on Kroger products just by participating in the survey. The surveys are accomplished and organized by the Kroger service managing group which includes all the Kroger stores.


The Customer shall declare the products and services’ merits and demerits. Customers can receive donation cards and vouchers to be redeemed on Kroger.

Survey NameKroger Survey
Purchase Required? No
Survey Prize50 Bonus Fuel Points
Entry MethodMail, Online

Kroger is the fifth biggest retailer in the globe and the third biggest private American owner organization in the U.S. In 1930, Kroger became the first food chain to monitor the quality of the item and sample customers’ products.

Kroger Satisfaction Survey is always there to help you and lead you to be the luckiest customers in this world.

Kroger Survey type

Kroger survey can be done in two ways.

The Kroger Survey offers all guests a broad opportunity to express their satisfaction in two ways.

Kroger is the largest retail chain in the United States in terms of sales. There are about 2764 supermarkets and 253 stores.

  • Online Kroger Survey

The customer of Kroger Store can share their voice by visiting the official website. By this, they can complete the digital statement poll.

Online is the most popular survey is not much of the time and effort is needed to complete the survey.

  • Offline Kroger Survey

The second step is to take an offline survey. This survey can be done as the customer of  Kroger Store can support the company by sending the feedback mail to the Customer Survey Sweepstakes teams.

Rules and regulations are the same for both the survey. After completing the survey you will be eligible for winning a $100 Gift Card.

Kroger Survey Guide

Within 7 days after a valid order, the survey must be completed. You will buy it from a Kroger store in order to use the survey. Then you need an invitation code receipt.

The following measures are taken for Kroger survey:

  1. Please visit the feedback page from Kroger’s official website.
  2. Enter the buying date and the buying time.
  3. You then have to type your entire receipt entry ID.
  4. All questions will be answered according to your knowledge.

Kroger Marketplace

It has been launched in 2004 as a chain of large box stores. Kroger’s market place is based on the market shop in Fry.

In 2009, two additional shops were opened in Texas. The Food and Drugs Store at Fort Wayne Northside The Kroger Company is also one of the country’s biggest private label manufacturing networks.

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Kroger is the United States’ biggest supermarket chain. Kroger was founded in 1883 by the American Bernard Kroger.

Kroger Survey is a customer satisfaction survey that is offered by Kroger in which the customer can participate in the survey.

After completing the Survey, the customer will be eligible for winning a $100 Gift Card.

Related Tags :- – DQ Fan Survey Free Dilly Bar – Dairy Queen food survey is to empower the brand by taking honest reviews from consumers worldwide. DQ fan survey conducted at Dairy Queen enables rectify the workability and facilities of the business.

In order to win the DQ fan survey, customers have to give an honest answer to the questions asked during the survey so that they can win the exciting discounts on the DQ products.

The survey consists of numerous questions which the customers need to answer and give their response accordingly.

DQFanSurvey is a stand that is made for all the customers to give in their feedback and ranking.

Once you join the DQ Fan Survey, you will be asked some questions about the quality of the food and the service of the restaurant. The creators of the restaurant are  Noble, John McCullough. The restaurant was started in the year 1940.

Survey NameDQ Fan Feedback
Survey RewardFree discount coupon good upon next visit
Time To Complete3-5 Minutes
Purchase Required?No Purchase Necessary

John, alongside with his son Alex had developed the soft-serve formula for the ice-creams. These were first sold in their colleague’s ice-cream store. Around 1650 ice-creams were sold on the first day itself.

The company does this survey to improve its menu and facility through the customer’s response and opinions.

DQ Fan Survey Necessities

  1. Individual take part in the feedback must be 18 years old.
  2. The participant must be an inhabitant of the United States.
  3. The contestant must know French and English language.
  4. One must have an internet-connected device.
  5. Any electrical device like a laptop, mobile phone, the computer is necessary for taking the
  6. The survey code is needed to take participate in the survey.

DQ Fan Survey Guide

  1. The contestant will buy some food from the DQ restaurant before taking the sondage so that the participant receives a receipt from the outlet needed to enter a sample.
  2. The participant shall preserve the receipt sensitively as it is appropriate to enter the receipt number for the start of the survey.
  3. The participant then has to visit the DQ restaurant’s website and check the page for input.
  4. As requested, enter your personal information.
  5. Choose your order sort, for instance, ice creams, drinks, or snacks.
  6. The customer must provide honest feedback after answering the survey queries that may include grievances and other details.

DQ Fan Survey Advantages

  • By conducting a survey, more customers are attracted by the Restaurant, which also draws more users on the website.
  • DQ collects customers’ information to create a database of customers interested in DQ promotional code, product, and service.
  • The consumer should be glad to have the opportunity to contribute to the quality improvement program of the DQ.
  • The final reward in the FREE Dilly Bar, an exclusive DQ-shop ice cream.

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The Fan Survey is a platform where all the DQ customers are always welcomed for their feedback and ratings. Once you join the DQ Fan Survey, you will be asked some questions about the quality of the food and the service of the restaurant.

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