Monkey Survey – Survey Monkey Customer Satisfaction Survey

Monkey Survey – Survey monkey or monkey survey is itself a survey providing platform that takes the survey of the topmost Corporation.

Survey Monkey is a medium to help the customer to create their own surveys using question format and feedback.

The basic version of Survey Monkey is of no cost but an enhanced version is available at a cost.

In 1999, the founder Ryan Finley and Chris Finley came up with the idea of Monkey survey which serves a free platform for the customer to create a survey page

About 20 million questions are answered every day by SurveyMonkey, which helps the customer to satisfy his needs.

Survey Monkey

Monkey Survey

Features of survey monkey are as follows

  • Question & answer piping
  • Answer validation
  • Trend tracking
  • Response quotas
  • Unlimited questions per survey.
  • Question with custom feedback.
  • Unlimited filters & cross tabs.
  • Custom variables

Survey Monkey Plans

Survey Monkey comes with two different plans as

  1. Individual Plan
  2. Team Plan

Monkey Survey

The individual plan has four sub plans

  • A premier plans worth Rs. 4,999/month.
  • Advantage plan worth Rs. 1,999/month.
  • A standard plan worth Rs. 899/month.
  • A basic plan worth Rs. 0/month.

Team plan has only two sub-plans

  • Team Advantage plan worth Rs1,550/user/month.
  • Team Premier plan worth Rs3,800/user/month.

Survey Monkey Advantages

  • Easy in usability, comprehensive feature, and security is the basic advantage.
  • It provides a question bank that offers some sort of question that can be edited.
  • Process large data. Process large data. This approach allows data creation, collection, and analysis using the software.
  • This includes various surveys in politics, health, education, and organization.

Survey Monkey Types

The survey covers different survey forms. The survey is carried out to obtain the requisite answers to make decisions:

  • Student Surveys, Teacher Surveys, School Surveys.
  • Market Research Surveys.
  • Net Promoter Score.
  • Online Research Surveys.
  • Employment Satisfaction Surveys.
  • Marketing Survey.
  • Non-Profit Surveys.
  • Meeting Surveys and Events Planning Surveys.

Survey Monkey Guide

Steps to go through Survey Monkey is as follows;

  1. Open the official link of SurveyMonkey given on the website.
  2. You must have a laptop or you can use a phone for attending the survey
  3. Enter the login page and type your username and password connected with Survey Monkey and click on Sign In.
  4. Then click on the “Create Survey” button.
  5. Select a category of the survey you find comfortable with.
  6. Select a suitable template for your survey and by selecting it, click on the ‘next’ option.
  7. Also on the left of your survey, you can edit the default survey and template.
  8. Tap on the top tab “Collect responses.” Tap on it to distribute the survey.

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Survey Monkey is a medium to help the customer to create their own surveys using question format and feedback.

Survey Monkey is easy in use, comprehensive feature, and offers good security.

Nearly 20 million questions are answered in the Survey Monkey platform. Student Surveys, Teacher Surveys, School Surveys are the different types of surveys you can complete on Monkey Survey.

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