Oracle Survey – Oracle Customer Satisfaction Survey

Oracle Survey – Technology for enterprise resource planning, technology for customer relations, and software for the supply chain management.

Larry Ellison, Oates was the creators of Software Development Laboratories, the initial name of Oracle Corporation.

In the year 2013 oracle was a graded 3rd largest software corporation in terms of income. The firm also contributes to evolving and building tools for database expansion and systems related to middle-tier software, ERP that is enterprise supply planning software, CRM that is customer association management, and SCM that is supply chain management.

Oracle survey

Oracle Survey

Oracle held the 80th place in 2018 as Fortune 500 in standings of major United States Establishment by total income. The CEO’s compensation in the year 2017 was $109,255,033. Oracle develops, manufactures, and markets products related to software and hardware as well as provides complementary services in accounting, training, consulting, hosting etc.

  1. Oracle survey delivers consultancy that offers proficient guidance and service to the entities, companies, and government interventions.
  2. They provide a varied selection of surveying services that range from applications, boundary definition, contour feature surveys, mining solutions, full project organization of sub-divisional works containing a small scale to large scale infrastructure projects.
  3. They make them alert by highlighting the issues before taking place and thus this protects price and does not disturb any procedure because of breakdown or time loss.

Oracles things to know

This corporation is selling the following products with best techniques:

  1. Information Technology.
  2. Database software.
  3. Company’s own software.
  4. Cloud-based system.

The Oracle Corporation is the third biggest software firm on its 2018 reports, based on the company’s sales.

Software development tools

This software company also make some developments and make some tools used for the data system. The developed software is as follows:

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
  2. Customer relationship management (ERM).
  3. Human capital management (HCM).
  4. Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Survey Disadvantages

Though the survey is beneficial for a corporation, it has some weak points, they are as follows

  1. Wrong information asked by the company.
  2. Degradation of quality.
  3. Some surveys are so complicated, they cannot be understood easily.
  4. Thoughtless information is provided by the competition and the answer to such a question is so complicated that it can not be understood easily.
  5. The research done on the particular survey topic is not cleared and complete.

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Oracle Survey Benefits

  • Listen, monitor, and act on customer response across web, social, and contact center touchpoints
  • This survey leads to cost savings and productivity through the convergence of organizational feedback processes in one business feedback solution.
  • By interrogating multiple questions, in the survey, we can identify potentially unhappy customers and prioritize for follow-up.


Oracle Corporation carries out an audit to clarify the market and business requirements.

The Oracle survey is carried out online on their website. Oracle also increasing their profits by offering a prize in their survey.

Larry Ellison, Oates were the inventors of Software Development Laboratories, the initial name of Oracle Corporation

The organization ensures that consumers are well informed with respect to their projects or any problems they face. It’s really simple and affordable for your company.

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