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www.dgcustomerfirst.com – Dollar General is an American-based chain of variety stores, it offers its customers to take the Dollar General survey and talk about their experience at Dollar General stores. With the help of this survey, Dollar General is able to know about its strengths and weaknesses. It can then work accordingly to offer better services to all its clients.



The steps for taking this survey have been properly explained in this article. You can carefully read it to know all that you have regarding the Dollar General customer survey.

Survey NameDG Customer First
Survey URLwww.dgcustomerfirst.com
Survey RewardChance to win a $100 Dollar General gift card
Time To Complete3-5 Minutes
Purchase Required?No Purchase Necessary

Survey Steps www.dgcustomerfirst.com

Taking the Dollar General Survey can be completed by following a few simple steps. A detailed explanation of all these steps has been given ahead. You can follow the instructions in order to successfully complete taking the Dollar General survey.

1.You can refer to the purchase receipt you must have received from Dollar General in order to find the address to reach the official website and start taking the survey. This is the first step you have to complete.

2.You will now notice a link in blue saying “Rules, Regulations, and Privacy Policy”. Click on this list. You will reach a page where certain instructions, as well as rules, will be mentioned regarding the Dollar General survey. Just go through every instruction carefully.

3.Once you read and understand all the rules, regulations, and privacy policies, you can press the option saying “Next Screen”.

4.You will have an option to select between two languages, English or Spanish. You have to select the language you are most comfortable with.

5.You now have to enter the survey code. This code will be 15-digits long and will be written at the bottom of your purchase receipt. You have to enter this code properly in the space provided on your screen.

6.You will now reach the survey page which you will have to answer the different questions. You need to rate your experience at Dollar general. Once you answer the question you can click on “Next Screen”.

7.You can now enter the Sweepstake and for this, you have to give your mobile number. This is necessary for the Dollar General employees to contact you in case you win the Sweepstake reward. 

8.You now have to provide your full name, address, zip code, and email address.

9.The Dollar General Survey will now come to an end and you will be notified in case you win the reward.

Rules and Eligibility

There are a number of rules and eligibility criteria that you will have to fulfill in order to take part in the Dollar General survey. All the rules have been mentioned ahead.

1.You have to be a legal as well as a permanent resident of the United States of America.

2.You should be at least 18 years old in order to start taking the survey.

3.A Basic understanding of either the Spanish language or English language is a must. You will be able to take the survey in two languages only, so make sure that you at least know one of these.

4.A device, as well as an internet connection, are basic requirements for you to take the Dollar General survey.

5.Keep the recent purchase receipt from the Dollar General store handy while taking the survey. This will contain the survey invitation as well as the code which you will have to enter during the survey.

6.You will be able to take the survey only once.

7.If you are an employee at Dollar General store or related to anyone working there, you will not be eligible to take part in the survey.

8.Transferring the offer in any way is simply not allowed.

9.You will need a valid email address and have to enter it since you will receive the discount offer on your email itself.

Survey Reward

Once you successfully complete taking the Dollar General survey, you will receive a discount offer on the mail address that you provide while taking the survey. You can later make use of the discount offer when you visit the store next. Another opportunity in front of you will be to take part in the Sweepstake reward system. On completing the survey, you will be eligible to take part in Sweepstake and get a chance to win $1000. In case you do win the reward, you will get a call from a Dollar General employee.


Thus, the Dollar General survey is a perfect opportunity for you to make suggestions in the existing services as well as products of Dollar General. Taking this survey is pretty easy but there can be times when you find yourself stuck somewhere. During such times, you have two options. You can either go to the nearest Dollar General store and ask an employee to help you with taking the survey. Or, you can contact the customer care representative and ask him/her to help you out. Someone will guide you on the phone and help you take the Dollar General Survey. Make sure that you keep the Dollar General purchase receipt handy while taking the survey. You will not be able to complete the survey without entering certain information given on the receipt. 

Q1) What are the different languages in which I can take the Dollar General survey?

A1) You will be able to take the Dollar General survey in two different languages only, that is Spanish or English.

Q2) What is the minimum age to take Dollar General Survey?

A2) The minimum age for you to take the Dollar General is 18 years old.

Q3) What will I get at the end of the Dollar General survey?

A3) Once you have completed taking the Dollar General Survey, you will receive a discount offer through your mail. You can make use of this offer when you visit the Dollar General store next. Apart from this, you will also get the opportunity to be a part of the Sweepstake reward and have the chance to win $1000.

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